The at-home sleep study that can change your life, overnight.


Because Sleeping Shouldn’t Be Your Worst Nightmare

Here’s why so many sleepers trust Sleepology to change their life… overnight.

Count Sheep, Not Snores With personalized treatment for whatever is keeping you up at night, including CPAP prescription for sleep apnea, you (and your partner) can finally get back to sleep.

Avoid the Sleep Labs Think it’s weird to fall asleep in a sleep lab or hospital bed? You’re not alone. That’s why Sleepology brings the sleep study to you, for a more comfortable experience.

how sleepology works

Receive Your Kit Sent right to your door, it’s never been easier to participate in a personalized sleep study.

Take the Test While you sleep in your own bed, your sleep habits are analyzed by the sleep diagnostic kit and remotely monitored by a medical professional.

Sleep Better Get individualized treatment for a better sleep, including a CPAP prescription for sleep apnea, from our certified sleep consultants.

Get the Comprehensive,
At-Home Sleep Study

Usually performed from a sleep lab, our revolutionary at-home sleep study kit can
diagnose and provide treatment for sleep apnea, or recommend an in-lab sleep study
for common sleep disorders like:

  • Insomnia
  • Periodic limb movement disorder
  • Narcolepsy
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Nighttime behaviors like sleepwalking
  • REM sleep behavior disorder

let’s get started

You spend one third of your life sleeping, and Sleepology wants to help you make it count. Order your free, at-home sleep study kit today, because there’s never been an easier way for you to uncover a restful sleep.